About Us

Affinity is a distribution, product sourcing and marketing company that supports corporate customers with globally branded and OEM product to the retail mobile markets. Established in 2004 with over 30 years of combined experience in the consumer electronics and mobile phone markets, Affinity's team has strong, focused talents with reputations for bringing corporate buyers profitable end-consumer programs. Our internal activities revolve around taking care of and supporting our customer's fiscal and branded purchasing responsibilities.

How We Partner With Our Customers

The Affinity customer-base requires high volume retail programs with diverse pricing points delivered quickly in response to on-going product launches. Positioned as a flexible resource to a busy product development team, Affinity helps with the sourcing objectives of Category Managers so they can make profitable purchasing decisions and focus their efforts on issues that pertain the successful launch and marketing of their programs. Furthermore we act as a logistical and collaborative marketing partner aiding in accurate fulfillment and communication of new initiatives from our side. Defining our core competency and strength of service as, Taking Care of The Customer, we have successfully built our current on-going relationships on this way of doing business and being the resource to help projects actualize.

Bringing The Best To Our Customers

In defining what it means to Take Care of Our Customers, our priorities revolve around the flexibility and responsiveness of adapting to customer timelines, corporate policies, as well as prerequisites of external industry knowledge. Through our efforts to continually improve on our customer’s behalf, we allow ourselves to be an accessible resource to Product Category Teams. Through a nimble nature we provide logistic support, product development, sourcing, marketing support and the right selection of globally branded product allowing our customer’s to make the best purchasing decisions. And Affinity’s role does not end at the point of purchase, we are there for the entire life cycle of the relationship managing the logistics of returns, packaging and warranty support even after our client’s end-consumer has long left the store.

Moving Towards The Future

Affinity as a company, as a group of people dedicated to moving forward to service our customer’s needs, is continually addressing how to be the most effective resource. We do this by establishing priorities that will suit the highest and best for everyone. Affinity’s recent progress in this area has been:

  • Establishing Environmental Policies In Sync with our Customers and leading our Vendors in these initiatives
  • An Ongoing Improvement of newest technologies in shipping and logistic control
  • Evaluation and Application of Design Thinking in Product Development
  • Expanding Global Product Sourcing Resources – with strong relationship standards to our vendors
  • Growing Internal Team Resources and Quality Standards
    An on-going creation of safe, positive and progressive working environments and relationships
  • Integration and Strategic planning of web-based communications and business interactions

We are continually looking forward to new and emerging trends as well as technologies and ways of seeing business relationships that elevate our added value.